Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Most Wanted Man in Australia!

The Most Wanted Man in Australia!

HE TOLD them their sons were killers and murderers, … were accusations!

A Critical Report by an independent eye witness today, at the Downing Center of Sydney.

Further to
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd
in the court of acting Magistrate Corbett today (Tuesday, January 19, 2010) the hearing of Man Monis Dawaar (Sheikh Haron) took place. The plaintiff was the Australian Federal Police. Two male and one female officer were at the hearing. The female AFP officer started the proceedings that she seeks an application to postpone this case for a week.

The reason given by her was that:

1. She has only has received Computer Forensic Report (?) just yesterday.

2. And She also has some information that there was a website called Sheikh Haron’s new website and on that website there was a comment posted “Sheikh Haron’s 273 letters (A cardinal sin of the century?). She also mentioned that later on this site was removed (by whom and why?).

Meantime, the Australian Magistrate was asking her to be more precise, and also expecting her to be familiar with the Australian legal system, but the female AFP representative was raving on in very strong American accent with total disregard for the Australian Judiciary.

Sheikh Haron should not be allowed to contact, harass, molest, etc. etc. to coalition defence personnel and their families in USA, UK, Poland Canada and Czechoslovakia.

The Defence Lawyer placed an objection, which was only possible when the Magistrate asked the AFP woman to stop.

“Your Honor my client has followed all the bail conditions and this is an unfair condition as American, Polish, Canadian and Czechoslovakian solders are not AUSTRALIAN. And this will be taking his basic human rights. Such as to send Condolence letters to anyone in Australia”.

The Magistrate replied “ he sent only very few letters, 2 or 3 in number?“

The Defendants Solicitor added that this case should be finalised today as the defendant is unemployed and supports his life on welfare payments. He is not capable to pay the extended legal costs.

Meanwhile the female AFP representative with very strong American accent and very little knowledge of Australian Legal System was continuously interrupting the proceedings with baseless accusations.

Also each time Sheikh Haron went on to comply with his bail condition, his bail condition keep changing!

The note book which AFP seized from Sheikh Haron has also has his personal files, which after many requests have not been returned to him. They are normally given back to defendant in a USB drive.

Magistrate Corbett agreed and made orders.

The Hearing is postponed for Thursday the 28th January 2010

This next hearing will only be for Bail Condition and nothing else.

Outside the Court.

The Jubilant media who have pronounced him guilty as hell before even Sheikh Haron being charged! They ambushed him again with great enthusiasm with pre-engineered questions. I am sure irrespective of his answers, Australian airwaves will be showered with anti-Muslim sentiment again.

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